Friday, June 19, 2015

A Gathering of Random Links--06.2015

I decided post a monthly gathering of random links. Just stuff that I found interesting, wanting to try out or share. 

 -because of my fascination with koji. A preview of a documentary on sake making via 

 -crazy playground! Love that is made with it all kind of stuff via 

 -looking for something to do with my chives. These look good, maybe I'll give it a try to share with my friend I'm visiting this week. via 

 -I haven't tried this tomato sauce but have read many post about it. I've tried a similar on that is done in the oven via 

 -and here's the one made in the oven. The polenta is delicious, too. via 

 -washi tape and its history. Got this link from 

-love these artist from 
-Love the use of the all the patterns and color palette 

-the needlework is beautiful and how it becomes out it's space 

-I want to see this in person. I would love to see it being made.

Mr. Miyagi

Remember from the Karate Kid, when he made Daniel-san to wax on and wax off. There was a purpose. There's always a purpose. 

And I guess there's a purpose of spending my days at work to doing a similar task of clicking on and off the product I've been working on. It feels like there is no end and my right arm will die and fall off from the same repetitive movement [click, click, click]. But I through this pain and tedium, I think I've learned something about myself. 

I have to be more patient and let things happen. Don't get distracted and start something new as everything needs its time to develop. Thank you Mr. Miyagi!

So I tried to using this concept with this book I borrowed from the library.

Waiting for my connection to work, book in hand
Thought it was a good fit--knitting and a bunch characters from the club. One of those light and fun summer reads with one of my favorite past times in it.

Well, I was struggling through it. Renewed my loan twice from the library. I told myself that I was going to finish it. Then I got to page 191, they were off to Scotland to see Gran with a lot of anxiety, meltdowns and wisdom from grandma. And I started to enjoy it. Finished it last night. A bittersweet ending. There's a sequel to this. Hmmm. I don't think so. It took too long to get me liking or hating the characters. 

Now I'm on to the next book Fever by Mary Beth Keane. Not a fun summer-y book. But I love stuff like this.

So far since I started my commute I've read:
  • Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern {liked}
  • The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein {liked}
  • The Road by Cormac McCarthy {on the fence; not a good read if you are feeling sad}
My reading list is a bit odd. Trying not to buy books. Reading what I have at home or borrowing books from the library. But I've reached and passed my goal and I guess I should reset it. How about read 9 books this year. That would really impress me. More on my knitting, baking, jamming and garden soon. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

How does my garden grow?

All dress up in my gardening clogs
Pretty good considering the up and down temps, rain and my late start. But I'm keeping my hopes up with little seedlings coming up my garden. Thinking of getting a couple more plant to put pots to round out the line up.

So far the weeds are doing the best. Tons of wild strawberries in the lawn. They are green so I leave them. The berries are much bigger than last year, maybe they will taste better. 
wild strawberries growing on the side of my veggie garden

Monday, May 25, 2015

Okano Day

I named this past Saturday as Okano Day as a day of food and fun with my parents at my house. My cousin M, her husband T, daughters A, L and T plus her mom and dad, my nephew T and his girlfriend S, and family friends P and P round the cast of characters for Okano Day.

Time sped by like a quickly with perfect weather, great food [which we forgot to take pictures of] and great company. And we all survived in one piece. 

This is our Okano Day menu: 

Momofuku Pork Shoulder
Mom's famous corn beef hash [she brought her own Libby's can corn beef from Hawaii]
Mom's famous nishime [made her make it with chicken]
Mom's famous Mac salad Hawaii-style
M's Crockpot Lentils
P & P's Thai Beef salad
T & S's Guacamole
My Roasted Tomato salsa
Kale salad

Earl Grey Tea Cake with lilikoi mousse and lemon buttercream
T & S's Summer bars
Crazy amounts of really great fruits--especially the muscat grapes and many different varieties of berries

Here's a couple of pictures I remembered to take. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and had enough to eat. Whoever was left at the end, took a bag food home with them. 

The start of great things to come
Patience is a virtue when it comes to pork shoulder
Waiting, waiting, waiting
Batch 1 of my summer roasted tomato salsa.
Only picture of the cake with one of the princesses
Princesses A and L with nephew T and girlfriend S in background
Too much commotion to get everyone to look in your direction

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Gathering of Random Llinks

chewy goodness! Lilikoi mochi!
Thought I shared some random links that you may like: 

-This post got me at "Miso". I've been obsesses about all things Miso or Koji. So why not Miso Sourdough Bread from Lucky Peach. They say the bread ends up "tasting like a cross between dark chocolate and pumpernickel in the final baked loaf." YUM!

-Although I look like hell these days, I still love fashion and I hope I get to this exhibit. Maybe one day I'll have the energy to dress like I care again.

-Here's an article on Koji from SFGate with some recipes. You're going to want to try it.

-Teaching myself code to get the restaurant website up and running. Found this link about 6 sites that teach you code from Swiss Miss. You know what I'll be up to this summer beside baking, jamming, knitting/crocheting and sewing. [I got to get my etsy store up]

-And of course, I couldn't end with out mentioning lilikoi or mochi. Here's a recipe Lilikoi Mochi from Mauna Kea Tea Blog. I decided to make this recipe because it uses brown sugar and kinako. I need to make it again.

Friday, May 1, 2015

food inspired: 05.01.015

Some quick links to what been food inspiring me.

-Went to the library to find a book for my commute [Woo hoo! on book #3]. And found Bar Tartine: Techniques and Recipe. Been seeing this mentioned in a lot food blogs for a while. Lots of stuff that I've been wanting to do try: drying [been think of buying a dehydrator] and fermentation [I love koji]. There"s a recipe for apple butter that uses the dehydrator. Oh, I think I need to buy this book.

-One of the chefs at our restaurant has great organic garden. She gave me some garlic chives that she harvested. I decided to share some of it with my co-workers. Here's a couple of recipes from No Recipe Blog that I shared with them: Niratama (Garlic Chives Scrambled Eggs) and Oisobagi Kimchi (stuffed cucumber kimchi). The Oisobagi is so good--great umami taste with miso.

My Garlic Chives bounty

-The chef at restaurant has also been spoiling me by making some great vietnamese style salad. I found this chicken and cabbage version from the The Urban Poser blog on pinterest that I want to try for my lunch. Maybe add some kale. Or maybe just ask the chef to make me a salad because I'm lazy.
Vietnamese sausage, pork, shrimp, flat rice noodles with salad and Nuoc Cham

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Working off my breakfast

of Mochi Waffles. I did a hour on my mini stepper watching Sunday Morning. Got to work off the carbs but at least it was with kinako--soy bean powder to add a little bit of protein to it. 

I saw a post on Lucky Peach on FB about Poly-Grain Mochi Waffles that I wanted to try with the mochi that my mom sends me for my good luck new year's day mochi soup. 

I'm so lucky my hoarder sensibility made me keep this old waffle make we picked up a flea market. The plates are removable to wash and the hinge are bit adjustable to it help with the hard froze cubes of mochi it put in. It also has temperature gauge from low to high I thought it was nice.
heating up waffle maker
After I heated the waffle maker up, I coated the plates with butter and tossed in the mochi. I wasn't sure how long it would take, so I kept opening to check. 
early in the procces
As it cooked the mochi puffed up more and more and the indent got deeper.
all done
I dressed the waffles with kinako. It's my favorite topping on mochi. I love the slightly sweet roasted nut flavor. I add a little sugar and a pinch of salt to the kinako. It was great, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. I'm definitely doing this again. Maybe when my parents come up for a visit. If you have waffle maker and some mochi hanging around, this is worth the try.
can't wait to try it!