Friday, November 11, 2016

morning walks: week of 11.06.16

Starting fresh. Hope to be posting more.

This week's morning walk.

11.07.16: first day after the time change. Sun was up about the building in downtown NYC.

11.08.16 Election Day walk around the neighborhood after I voted

Ended my walk in my back yard at my garden. Too bad I put the pumpkin in too late. Got a bunch a flowers. Oh well, next year.

11.09.16 Gloomy Day

11.10.16 Beautiful morning

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What I've been doing--part 1

Got a little busy this spring. Here's  some highlights of what I've been doing. Here's a link to the Spring 2016 album on flickr:

Morning walks

manhattan from the jersey city waterfront
all fogged in
sunrise over lower Manhattan

my new presssure cooker

Friday, August 5, 2016

Middlesex County Best of the Best

It's time to vote for Middlesex County Best of the Best Readers Choice contest. 
Please consider voting for Cafe Bua in the Home News Tribune Best of the Best Readers Choice Contest 2016 Middlesex County. Categories to consider for us: 
  • Asian Cuisine
  • Brunch
  • Burger
  • BYOB
  • Casual Dining
  • Dine
  • Family Friendly
  • Seafood. 

We appreciate all your votes and support for our restaurant.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

I braved the heatwave

I can't believe I been away so long. Just my crazy life taking over. Thought I'd start out slow with a quick post from my morning walk. Should have gone out earlier than I did. But got in 1/2 hour before I melted.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Commuter Projects 2015

Started commuting to Hoboken last February, set a goal of 12 projects by the end of the year. I post about setting that goal here. Here's the final count and just a quick run down of what I knitted and crochet this year.

Around 19+ project finished this year. Many made on the train/bus. I thought I documented all my finished projects but . . . But not too shabby for a year and all from my stash. Still knitting my stash away. Maybe next year it will all be gone?

Project 1: Linoleum dishcloth by Kay Gardiner x 2

many end to be woven in
Project 3: Seed Stitch Pouch
Finishing: hand stitching zipper in
Project 4–6: Set of 6 Crochet Buttons x 3
brunt orange buttons
Project 7: Crazy Yarn Log Cabin Throw
ends need to be woven in
Project 8–11: Market bag x 4
cotton scraps makes for fun market bag
Project 12–13: crocheted tiaras x 2
Princesses with their new tiaras
Project 14: crocheted basket
new basket, new cat
Project 15: lacy cowl
nice lightweight for the spring
Project 16–17: Graham hat for donations
for donation to Operation Gratitude
Project 18: Earflap hat for WG
This came out great. No picture. Thinking of making another hat in this pattern but need to find yarn in my stash.

Project 19: Eggplant for Ollie
Ollie and eggplant
I know there are a couple of other projects that I can't remember. But this is all I can remember. This is why my wrist hurt so much.

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Big Storm

Got around 24". Shoveled twice on the day of and one long 3 1/2 hour session on the day after. I love snow and it was quite beautiful to me. Went for two walks--one in the neighborhood then one in the woods with WG. Here's a couple of my favorite shots from the storm. Made up an album on flickr of the photos if you want to see more
my favorite shot from the river
geese in the river
our house
knee deep
playing in the woods
6:30 in the morning the day after, time to dig

Happy New Year!

I'm late, I'm late! This post has been sitting around for at least a couple of weeks. But do want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Been running behind since the week of Christmas.  I had dreams of beautiful bags of cookies and jars of jam as holiday gift but that didn't happen this year. After many jars of jam [some for gift most for the restaurant] and last minute catering order for brownies, cookies and lemon bars, things just didn't turn out how I picture it would be. 
Slow Cooker Blackberry Vanilla Jam that was suppose to be a gift

And of course, this spiraled into my dreams of our New Year's eve meal. I really wanted to make a great meal starting with a beautiful hot bowl of ozoni made with homemade dashi. But all the new year's cleaning wiped me out and this stupid cold started brewing . . .
dashi and kombu maki ingredients
So I ended up in bed, cold [I'm never cold], with too much clothes on, getting suck into watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy and stayed up to Midnight to finish it. [happy new year! shhh! WG is sleeping--the restaurant is open on New Year's Day]
My New Year's eve meal turned into New Year's day early dinner of Kombu Maki and rice with Ozoni to finish the night when WG got home from the restaurant. It tasted delicious even a day later. I love the Ozoni with homemade dashi--totally worth making. Got a little fancy with the carrot. I eve had time to whip up some dessert a new favorite Cannoli Pound cake from 

Ozoni with homemade dashi
My new favorite--Cannoli Pound Cake

Not bad for a person with a cold, I even made kimpira on the 2nd with the leftover burdock/gobo.

Kimpira right out of the pan
Hope you have happy and healthy New Year!