Friday, March 27, 2015

My life as a train commuter: projects

Now that my commute gives me a full 40 minute ride with 10 minutes of walk and transfer, I started working on knitting and crochet projects for gifts and items for my etsy shop [yes, one day I'll open it up]

Sorry about the photos on this, they aren't that great. Been shooting them right when I finish them, on the train, on my lap. That is my 30 year old leather bag as the backdrop. It a gift that WG gave me when we first started to go out. Both my mom and WG think I should get rid of it. But I love the shape and size and can't get rid of it. Anyway, sorry for the crap photos will take better ones when I'm done with the finishing work.

Project 1: Linoleum dishcloth by Kay Gardiner
100% and in fun colors, this dishcloth make me smile. I think I've made at least 3 so far. I love the color combination and the pattern is pretty easy to remember. This one is a gift for a friend.

Project 2: Seed Stitch Pouch
100% Wool in moss green with flecks of blue and red. Pattern by me. Lots of finishing work on this-- weaving in ends, hand stitching the bottom, sewing in the zipper, adding the lining and finally the cute zipper pull. I have a purple and red pouch waiting for a zipper, lining and pull. Once I get these done, I hope to open my shop. 

Project 3: Crochet Buttons
100% Merino Wool in brunt orange. Found this pattern in Happy Hookers and made a set for my sister for her Christmas present. This is nice project to do on the train. I can get a button done in each direction, a set of six in a week. Great way to get rid of my scraps. I've started a second set of six out of some koigu greens/pink/orange scraps. Now I have to figure out how package them up.

My project goal is to finish one project a month or 12 projects by the end of the year. I'm also adding to my commuting goals to finish reading 3 books. Sounds pretty low but I'm not a fast reader. I usually read right before bed and I fall asleep and lose my place and end up rereading the same place. Hopefully it isn't too low and I blow past that number [any suggestion for books to read]. 

I'm currently reading Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I'm really enjoying it. It keeps me wanting to go back and read more. I may not knit or crochet on next week's commute so I can finish the book. 

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