Friday, May 27, 2011

Farmer's Market goodies

Strawberries for this weekend's baking. I'm thinking cheesecake.

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A Giant Spider

in my basement. 

I've been trying to get my house together, cleaning things out, everywhere in my house. And the basement is the perfect place on hot humid first summer day. So I started vacuuming stairs and then was going to tackle around my washer and dryer when I saw something in the corner of my eye. I look up at the side of the steps to see a giant spider, inches away from me. Now any spider to me freaks me out, but this was bigger than the usual ones I see. 

I screamed. 

[Now that was useless. Screaming only works if someone can hear you. No one else is home with me, I still had the very loud vacuum running and I was in the basement with the basement door closed.]

I backed away, unloaded the vacuum (had enough sense to turn it off) and ran up the stairs, where I have been since. 

I wanted to do a load of laundry today but. . . what if it's still there. . . .or even worst what if it isn't there. So now I have to wait to Sunday, when Oat comes home early, to make sure the spider isn't anywhere near the washer and dryer.

[maybe I'm be brave and go down later this afternoon. I'm hoping it was just as scared as I was and ran away somewhere far.]

I didn't run away

I know it's been more than a month since I last posted something. I guess I've more busy than I thought I was.

Mom and Dad's Visit
Mom and Dad have come and gone from their visit. They are even back home from CA. Well, here's a few details.

Pre-visit preparation included a major cleaning of the house with rearrangement of the furniture in the living room. Now I really can use the elephant chair.

We visited Princess Annika in Queens. Mom and Dad's first meeting with the Princess. Had a great time. Got slightly lost going home because I missed my exit. No gps, no navigator. M/D are no help. Thank goodness I didn't freak out, I would have still been in queens if I did. Found my way back, lots of traffic. But made it home

Mother's Day went to Rutger's Garden Plant Sale. Got a hanging plant and few herbs to replace the ones that didn't survive this winter. Mom was oooing and ahhing at the azaleas that were in bloom. Here's a picture of M/D in a sea of azalea.


The only snag of the whole trip was the last day when I took M/D to the mall. D decided to not to come to J. Jill as M and I shopped. I guess we took too long and he decided to find the bathroom without tell us he was leaving. When we come out of the store, he was no where in site. Long story short--D was missing for awhile (well in my mind he was), I walked the whole mall (really fast) looking for him and he doesn't a cell phone or have my cell number. In the end I find him walking back towards where were. I don't think he even knew I thought I lost him. What I learned from this trip to the mall, stop at bathroom before we separate and maybe get a disposable cell just to in case.

In between a lot of unfinished projects. Just can't finish anything especially any pattern that needs a lot of attention. Too tired, make too much mistakes, rip, rip rip. But I'm making attempt at toe-up socks for WG. Maybe this toe-up pattern will keep my interest. Here's a pic of the first sock.


Will try to post more often and take more pictures.