Thursday, November 2, 2017

Moving my blog

I've decided to move my blog to wordpress. Having too many issues with my blogger app on my phone. Here's the link to my new site:

It's kind of fitting with all the changes in my life that I start fresh with a new site. I hope to move all of my recipes over my new site but in the meantime I will be add a recipe page with links back to here. 

Hope you stop back for read. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I'm becoming birder . . .

I'm up with the birds because of my cats. 4:00-4:30 and if they're nice 4:50. Since I'm up I been going for a walk as the sun is coming up and birds are waking up. Robins, Cardinals, Starlings and Finches mostly. But down by the river at the bottom of my hill, if I'm quiet enough there is a Great Blue Heron hanging out. I'm obsessed with him [I'm making an assumption as usually female birds aren't as pretty]. 

I wish I had better camera to get a shot of him. But here's a crappy shot from my iPhone through the railing of the bridge. He didn't know I was there. I happen to be quiet that morning. He make funny clucking sound. Not what I expected. I've seen another neighbor looking for him on the other side of the bridge. I keep looking for his nest in the trees. Maybe next time I'll get a better shot.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Life Changes

It's been a long while since my last post and I've been debating if I should continue Princess Hot Flash. 

Two and half months ago my life changed dramatically. My love of my life suddenly past away from a sudden heart attack. Since then I've been trying to get everything in order with his estate and my life. Or just back to a facsimile of normal. 

My energy level is very low, sleep is not my friend and my hot flashes have gotten worst (I figure that is due to stress) and all I really I would like to do is curl up into a ball and just sleep for a really long time. But I'm trying my best to beat that urge. Been walking and doing hot yoga as well a catching up will every British murder mystery series on Prime/Netflix. 

Ollie and Orange have been my best companions. Running about and making a mess of all the paperwork I've been sorting through.

I'll try and post when I can. I don't have my passion to bake or jam or cook at the moment.  I don't have my favorite taster anymore. I do have recipes in the queue and hope to make something soon. When I do I'm sure I'll post some pictures for you. 

Been walking when I can. Mostly around the neighborhood or on the JC waterfront. Here's one from a cooler day on by the Hoboken terminal. Love how the remnants of old pier looks in the water.