Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The rest of my short vacation

I spent in Orangevale CA @ my sister's. Did some shopping (candy and yarn), didn't make to auntie k's because of all day headache. But spent my day with Mira the dog (2nd niece) try to chase this headache away. Tomorrow all day travel day--drive to sf airport from Orangevale then a flight to newark. Back to work, bright and early on Thursday for day of way too long meetings. I hope I survive. Here's picture of Mira looking annoy because I'm taking a picture of her.

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princess hot flash said...

UPDATE: Survive my travel day, keeping my headache at bay with lots of water (with come the need of bathrooms) and eating when I needed to. It's still lurking around but hopefully, a good night sleep make it go away for good.