Sunday, October 7, 2012


Sweet Potato Rice Flour Doughnuts to exact. Doughnuts was one of my favorite things until WG said "it's the worst thing you can eat!" These days, I usually just look and wish I could eat one. On a real bad day, if there is a munkin around I'll have that without feeling too guilty of having eaten he worst thing I could eat. But after I saw this recipe I just had to try it. It has so many of my favorite things, doughnuts, sweet potatoes [I had a batch of potatoes in my freezer, a pat on my thrifty self shoulder], the color orange and rice flour [I'm thinking it will have the mochi-chew quality--yummmm].

While doing some research on korean fried chicken, found my way to Beyond Kimchee. I thought I was there to check out her fried chicken recipe but how could I help myself from not stopping to read about sweet potato doughnuts. Here's a link to the recipe:

The recipe is pretty easy, especially if you already have the potatoes ready. And the frying up is pretty easy as you don't have to cook it as hot as regular deep fried item. See the Beyond Kimchee's comments about oil temp. Got some pictures of my recipe test [yes, I remembered this time].

I love the color from the potatoes.

in the fryer
First batch frying up. Slow by steady, keep moving it around.

second one
My second one, this one I waited to it cooled a bit. the first one was just too hot and texture wasn't right.  This had a mochi-chew quality.

3dz minus 2
All done, 3 dozen in total minus the two I tasted. The taste not too sweet, I like the sweet potato taste. It's not a regular yeasty, doughy doughnut. It's pretty good, a nice cold weather treat with hot cup of coffee or tea. I guess I'll make few people happy today. 

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beyondkimchee said...

Don't they taste good? Love the color of your dough and your doughnut balls looks perfect. Thanks for liking to my post.