Saturday, December 19, 2015

Too much to do!

I guess I fooled myself in thinking I was almost done with my holiday making. Ha ha ha! I'm not even half way done. Oh well! I guess I got to get myself going.

First up last night, roasted persimmon jam. 
Read about a dessert with roasted persimmons and thought I'd try this out. Roasted persimmons right out of the oven to be food milled. Then in to thre pot with sugar, water and organic lemon juice (lemon from my sister's house). And cook till thick and sweet. I got 4 half pints 4 4oz jars.
Next up mandarin pineapple. More jam to come. I need more bottles. Aargh! 

Friday, December 18, 2015

random links: december 2015 • part 2

Found a few more links that I wanted to share.
Graham hats I knitted for donation for #operationgratitude

-here's the link to the pattern for the Graham by Jennifer Adams. Easy and quick

-looking to for a cozy hat to knit up for you or to donate via
-baking powder and baking soda what it does to your cookies via serious eats

-The Oh Hellos--nice watch or listen to start your day via tiny desk concerts

-cute knitting for hood/scarf for kids via amirisu

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Jamming, jamming and more jamming

My first batch Kiwi Apple--2 pints for the restaurant and 2 half pint for holiday gifts.

Next up, Mandarin Marmalade. Big batch cooking up on the stove. Hope to get 2 pints for the restaurant and 4 4oz jars for gifts.

Hopefully I'll end today with Cranberry Apple. Trying out this recipe from Food in Jars for the first time. Using golden delicious. Here's the link if you want try out for yourself:

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Starting my Saturday

UPDATE: Hat all done, just need to trim the ends, make the tag and pack up it up send off The pattern was great pattern, really fast. Forgot to put the link to this pattern, here it is: Hope to finish another so I have 2 to send off. Will post the finish product a little later.

With a cup a coffee and knitting in bed. Knitting a hat to donate for my volunteer time for work. They been pushing the volunteer effort, and I decide to sign up knitting for the troops. I'm still going through my stash and thank goodness I had colors specified.

Pattern: GRAHAM
By: Jennifer Adams

This is stretchy slouchy hat good for many different types of people. I already frogged the whole thing missed a whole entire section. Hope to be done by this weekend so I can send it off this week. More pics of finished piece.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

random links: dec 2015

1 of 2 pumpkin pies with roasted kabocha

Had a little bit of time so I decide to put this together early. Still on food theme.

-video about ugly food and food waste via swiss miss

-love the peg boards--I need to do this via Joy the Baker

-this sounds delicous via the Kitchn

-a jammy holiday gift via food in jars

-something go with the jammy gift via food in jars