Saturday, December 20, 2008

finished stuff

I know, I know. I said I would try and post much more often than I am. Been busy making stuff and on vacation. I wanted to show off some of the goods I've made since I last posted. Vacation pictures to come. Still working on x-mas gifts. And I still have to bake.

WG has been gone since the 6th of this month. Went home to Bangkok for a visit. Was on the 3rd flight to get in to Bangkok when they finally opened the airport. With him gone, got a lot of knitting done at home but had to drive in to work. He wasn't around to drop and pick me up from the train station. Missed my commuting time, very relaxing. He's back on x-mas day.

Here's some of my finished stuff:

Last_one by you.
The last of five round dishclots (gifts)

dishcloth 6 by you.
1 of 6 waffle dishcloths for mom to use as gifts

lace wrap by you.
Lace cotton wrap for donation to company silent auction. Kathy M. (model)

April's Boteh by you.
The Boteh scarf is done. I have to get a picture with it on. Very warm and cozy. I almost finished it on my vacation. I didn't have enough yarn to do the egding so I need to do when I got back was to weave in the ends and block. Everyone really liked it. I'll post picture with it on soon.

That's all for now. Will work on my vacation post. Still have to add my Wild West pictures and London and Madrid.

Have a happy holidays!