Sunday, November 14, 2010

Very productive long weekend

Took Friday off to get WG's organized. This was for me, so instead of freaking out because I can't find that piece of paper he gave me 3 weeks ago, now I have somewhat of a system.  

I started off moving things around and just getting rid of more stuff that we don't need. Then putting things in places where WG can find it (without me). Finishing up minor tasks that I don't have time for like changing the toner in the printer. Last I finished up the latest draft of the menu and sat with them to delete and clarify things. Went over to the restaurant and got a pictures of the signs in place (see last post).

Went to the eye doctor. Got a new pair of glasses. Kind of giving up on contacts. This past year hasn't been great for the contacts and I thought I'd be good and save a little money and just go for the glasses. I made my way to the asian store for my supplies for this weekend's recipe testing (cucumber kimchi and maybe some chichi dango). Then another round of corrections to the menu. 

Woke up with a headache. Kind of moving slow. But I really want to try that cucumber kimchi recipe. First to clean the kitchen. That has become my ritual before I start making anything. This time I even tackled my refrigerator. I got rid of old stuff and wipe, wipe, wipe. I can't believe how clean and empty my refrig. looks.  

Now I'm ready for cooking. Chop, chop, chop all the ingredient for the cucumber kimchi. Got the recipe from [no recipe]'s blog. SIDE NOTE: [no recipe] is beautiful blog, the images are great. This is my first recipe I'm trying. I'll let you know what I think. It smell very good when I was making it. The only thing I didn't follow in the recipe is I didn't use kirby cucumbers. Probably would have been better but I had the normal ones and wanted to use it. Here's the link: I thought I had everything for the recipe but no. I had to stop and run out to the asian store to get miso, sesame seeds and honey. Had a good stopping point when all the ingredients were chopped and salted cucumbers were sitting. Here's a picture of the my kimchi before it go into my clean refrig, to sit for a while. Hope it turns out good. 

Oisobagi Kimchi

Right out of the oven is Applesauce Cake. Instead of raisin and currents, I added craisins and chopped prunes. Will put on a cream cheese frosting. 
Fresh out of the oven

I'm hoping to make a chocolate white chocolate chip cookie dough tonight to bake later in the week. Look I already forgot about the chichi dango. Maybe I'll make that to take over for thanksgiving dinner.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Signs are up

We are getting there but not quite open yet.

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