Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The past two days . . .

During lunch, I've been listening to npr music and reading on my iphone. I should have started this sooner, it is quite relaxing. I just finished listening to the Wilco and Diego Garcia in concert. And I'm reading "The Girl Who Played with Fire". 

My listening continues with some jazz-Scott Colley Trio as I make sure I have all the piece for my project are ready to upload.

If work could always be like this.

Liberty and Hello Kitty

I love the the prints from Liberty and how can I not like their new Hello Kitty line. I'm not the biggest Hello Kitty fan but these prints are great. I want to make a blouse with Pink Karenkubo Hello Kitty Print.

I think there are few little girls (and maybe a couple of big girls) that would appreciate handmade Liberty Hello Kitty piece from me.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Are Those Granny Squares?

I was looking @ Sartorialist and saw a post about Prada Spring/Summer 2012. Are those granny squares on that pink/teal-ish coat? It makes such a cool patttern and texture. I really like. The navy/orange swimsuit coverup is beautiful. Hmmmm . . . what can I make with granny squares.

Maurice Sendak

I wanted to share this Maurice Sendak interview from NPR. The interview talks about his new book and his life. It was quite touching and a little bit sad at the end when he mentions how missed people that have left. 

I thought it was only fitting to pass it along as I'm volunteering at the exhibit: In a Nutshell: The Worlds of Maurice Sendak at the New Brunswick Public Library.

If you have a chance you should come by and see it. It's a small exhibit that will not take too much time. Also there's closing reception on October 11 at 7:00pm with the curator of the exhibit giving a talk. I heard his talk at the opening was great. I'll be there.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Munchmobile 2011 "Best of" list

I'm shamelessly promoting our restaurant. But I want spread the good news. We made the munchmobile 2011 "Best of" list. And so did our Hot and Sour Soup. Here's the link to the article.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Been wanting to test this brownie recipe for a while. Thought that it probably would sell well at the restaurant. So I left the restaurant early today, [I was crabby, not a good mood for being around people] and decided to bake.

First things first, cheesecake. Needed to get this week's cheesecake done. [check]

I've made these brownies before, it is very chocolate-y. Over a pound of chocolate [no, wait, it's closer 2 pounds] divided into 20 pieces. I wanted to test them to see if the customers would like them. And of course, I'll bring some into the office. They are really my official taste testers [last weeks tasting was nutella rice crispie treats, thumbs up].

I must admit this baking sure help my bad mood [or could it be I just need a break from the restaurant].

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Recipes testing and my broken cake

UPDATE: 9.10.11
I crossed off what I tested.

With the long weekend here, I'll have some time [one day] to do some recipe testing. Here's my list of what I want to test:

nutella rice crispie treats
chocolate malted cupcakes
plum crumble or crisp
mango something
chocolate dobash--like Delite bakery in Hawaii--maybe turn into cupcake
cream puffs
mochi something

My recipe testing list is so long and always growing. Most likely, I will only get to 2 of them. I also have make up a cheesecake. That extra day isn't enough.

As for my broken cake, I tried making one of my favorites, Sour Cream Apricot Cake for the restaurant. It's a very moist and delicate [not too sweet] bundt cake with chopped dried apricots soaked in some kind of liqueur [I used some Applekorn]. I thought it would be great with dollop of whipped cream. Well, when I filpped it out of the pan [I knew it was going to be bad when I had to shake the pan to death], only the bottom half came out, the top was stuck in the pan. I guess I did a very sucky job and greasing and flouring the pan. 

Oh well, not Oat and the staff at the restaurant can enjoy my broken cake. I tried it, it was delicious. Maybe next week, the customers can enjoy, too.

I'll post some pics of my testing soon.

Friday, September 2, 2011


The article is up! Here's the link: Munchmobile 2011: Reader's choice trip ends season
Can you tell I'm excited? Happy Reading! 

Ran out earlier to the market to get the Star Ledger. Stop @ SB for an iced mocha and read the article. It was great! We got the Top Dog honors for their Reader's Choice visit. Wow! I'm feeling a little jittery--not sure if it from the article or my ice mocha. 

This whole event has come as such a wonderful unexpected surprise. It makes all the hard work that we have been doing so worth it. Thanks everyone for all the support!

If you can get the Star Ledger, it the September 2 Munchmobile article. If not, here's the link to the munchmobile site. Article not up yet but will post everywhere when it is. Here's what the article looks like.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

CafeBua: Star Ledger Munchmobile

CafeBua: Star Ledger Munchmobile: Check out the Star Ledger, Munchmobile section this Friday, September 2 to read about us. You can also see the article at http://www.nj.com...