Saturday, September 10, 2011


Been wanting to test this brownie recipe for a while. Thought that it probably would sell well at the restaurant. So I left the restaurant early today, [I was crabby, not a good mood for being around people] and decided to bake.

First things first, cheesecake. Needed to get this week's cheesecake done. [check]

I've made these brownies before, it is very chocolate-y. Over a pound of chocolate [no, wait, it's closer 2 pounds] divided into 20 pieces. I wanted to test them to see if the customers would like them. And of course, I'll bring some into the office. They are really my official taste testers [last weeks tasting was nutella rice crispie treats, thumbs up].

I must admit this baking sure help my bad mood [or could it be I just need a break from the restaurant].

Oh, no! Brownie emergency! Dripping the bottom of the oven! Now I remember it did this last time. I need to line the bottom of my oven. Oh well . . . guess I know what I'm going to be doing in 15 minutes.

Here's a picture of the whole pan, right out of the oven. Not the best picture [but what do you expect a large brown rectangle to look like]. The bottom left corner is where it drip in the oven. The kitchen does smell deliciously chocolate, with a twing of burnt. But now I have to wait to taste, into the refrig to cool overnight so they set up.

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