Saturday, November 9, 2013

My Much Needed Vacation

from my hike up Tantalus

Ahaaaa! 9 days away from my normal life. So I can sleep in, eat what I want [with no guilt] and no making for the restaurant. [well I hope]

So far I've been sleeping earlier but waking up around 5ish. For the first 2 morning, it was useful because I places to go early. With such short amount of time, I've packed lot into my days. 

Okay, okay. I've been back 12 days and the ahaaaa! feeling is almost gone. Back into the grind. Wanted to get a few pictures up before a for get. This is first of a couple of posts so I don't overwhelm you with me going on, on. 

Most of my days were filled with seeing family and friends, eating up a storm and just having fun. Was very bad at capturing pictures of what I was eating but got some beautiful pictures of lots of other things. 

Here's a couple pictures from my hike from Tantalus on the second after I arrived. The hike was hard enough make me sweat but not too hard for a jet lag old lady. A large bowl of Wun Tun Min with a bbq stick from Palace Saimin was my reward for all that sweating. Palace Saimin an old style saimin stand. The wun tun were delicious. Should gotten the small couldn't finish the whole thing.
view from the start of the hike
yellow ginger everywhere
at one of the junction point
turn around point, nuuanu reservoir in the background