Saturday, December 20, 2008

finished stuff

I know, I know. I said I would try and post much more often than I am. Been busy making stuff and on vacation. I wanted to show off some of the goods I've made since I last posted. Vacation pictures to come. Still working on x-mas gifts. And I still have to bake.

WG has been gone since the 6th of this month. Went home to Bangkok for a visit. Was on the 3rd flight to get in to Bangkok when they finally opened the airport. With him gone, got a lot of knitting done at home but had to drive in to work. He wasn't around to drop and pick me up from the train station. Missed my commuting time, very relaxing. He's back on x-mas day.

Here's some of my finished stuff:

Last_one by you.
The last of five round dishclots (gifts)

dishcloth 6 by you.
1 of 6 waffle dishcloths for mom to use as gifts

lace wrap by you.
Lace cotton wrap for donation to company silent auction. Kathy M. (model)

April's Boteh by you.
The Boteh scarf is done. I have to get a picture with it on. Very warm and cozy. I almost finished it on my vacation. I didn't have enough yarn to do the egding so I need to do when I got back was to weave in the ends and block. Everyone really liked it. I'll post picture with it on soon.

That's all for now. Will work on my vacation post. Still have to add my Wild West pictures and London and Madrid.

Have a happy holidays!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I've been busy making stuff

It's been a while since my last post. I've been busy making stuff--knitting, crochet, and sewing (mostly alterations). Haven't been taking any pictures of the finished product but I went crazy this morning and tried to get as much as I could in the nice morning light. I wanted to post some before I leave for vacation.

We are off to London and Madrid for nine days. A bit of a celebration of sort. WG found another position with the company and still can work from home. Yea!!!! Though, I'm a little worried about spending money these days, I think a vacation is well needed with all the stress we had the last few months.

I'll try and post some pictures while on vacation. Maybe some good food shots.

Here's some of the stuff I've been making.

CB's La Mer
CB"s La Mer. I hope it is a surprise and she likes it.

Perry's Fetching

From Dashing to Fetching
Pin's Fetching that was a dashing. Change the pattern after 1 glove. Dashing was too long for her. I don't think she would have liked it.

Dishcloth 2
1 of many dishcloths I'm making this year for gifts. This one is my favorite pattern so far.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Benefits of Public Transportation

Originally uploaded by april_yurie
Look what I made this week. Fingerless gloves for Perry, just the thumb to go. This make my ride go so fast. More projects to come.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

lowering my carbon footprint

I'm making my attempt to lower my footprint. But really, I wasn't trying to lower it, I'm just trying to make my commute a little more bearable. I'm carpooling and taking the train to work. To think, I just cursed the "green" wipeboard at work. It said to take a train to work-- who knew the wipeboard was a fortune teller.

Monday, September 1, 2008


I know I haven't been posting as I thought I would. I got a bit of the sleeplessness after my sister and niece left. I'm at least sleeping now but not all the way through the night. I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon at this time of my life.

Wish I could figure out what to do about the heat. Lately, I've taken too lying on my cool wood floors in front of the air condition vent for a while until I feel cold. WG and I rearranged the bedroom today, maybe this will be a cooler layout, farther away from the windows. I'm also thinking of getting a small fan to blow directly on me (C-nP will really hate that).

I'm looking for to the cold weather, hopefully then I'll feel normal and may get a better nights sleep. Oh wait, I forgot last winter began the violent wiping off of the covers.

Enough about my "hot". I'll try and post The Great Wild West, Part 2 this week. And I wanted to get some of things I've been making up to share.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The college tour

Just got back from another trip. My sister and niece are in town for the east coast college tour. Drove to Providence, RI (Brown); Worchester, MA (WPI); Northampton, MA (Smith); Syracuse, NY (Syracuse); and Postdam, NY (Clarkson). Will post some pictures as soon as I get settle.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Great Wild West

Here's the first part of our trip out west this past May. Drove more than 1700 miles on this trip.

Elk Grove
Started off at my sister's place in Elk Grove (south of Sacramento). Spend time roaming around town with my sister and my parents (in from Hawaii) while WG worked from home from their house. We got a one day visitation with my all-too-busy-college-student nephew before he went off on a crazy long weekend camping music festival in Washington.

My niece got her license (on the last day of her permit) while we were there. Now we have to worry about her getting lost. I baked a vanilla bean cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting (Yummmm!) to celebrate. Read about it in super eggplant. The recipe is from Coconut and Lime.

THE PLANE. All the boys (dad and WG) were excited to see that. My brother-in-law has decide to build a plane in his garage. As you can see from the pictures below, my ride isn't coming too soon

The plans

Here's a part of the plane that he has built. Not sure what part it is. He is really building everything from scratch.

This piece was on his work bench. There was way too many holes that he had to drill. Can't wait to see the progress and my ride.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I wanted to share a few of vacation pictures with you. I'm a little pokey so these are from Prague in February '08. One day I'll get pictures out on time.

After very bad fight (migraine and throwing up), my first really day started off great. Weather not cold at all. Here's the the tram we about to catch.

Wheatgerm (WG) in the main square. Look! he's wearing the first sweater I ever knitted. Not bad, don't you think.

View from Prague Castle, actually it's outside of the castle gates. We had such good weather, it made every looks so beautiful.

Leaving the Prague Castle. May look a bit annoyed. WG is the photographer and very rarely do I get to take a picture. For someone who hate getting her picture taken, it's kind of torture. I always look fat.

See more pictures at my flickr site.

Being hot

I should have known that this temperature thing would be as dreadful as it sounds. My mom had her own battle cry with beads of sweat suddenly appearing on her face and body. Her cry wasn’t as whine-y as mine, it was just not her style. It was more like gasp or sudden expression of the moment. And little did I know at the time, she was superhero fighting her own battle of fluctuating body temperatures. I wonder what her superhero name is.

She did have a motto and she often said it to me, “Don’t laugh, it’s going to happen you one day! I should have known better.

Monday, July 21, 2008

tah dah! I'm here!

Hi all! This is my first posting. Yes, FINALLY!!! I’ve been talking about this for a couple of years now, and I guess I finally got my act in somewhat in order and a gentle nudge from Aunty K, here it is. I’m still not sure what it is going to be so please bear with me or just give me a yell to get on with it.

I guess I should explain the name. I think everyone has a superhero in them or at least a name and my name came about with my middle of the night battle cries, “I’M HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and violent ripping off of the covers. It really sucks to get old but I thought I’d embrace it and become a super hero (or pretend to be one). My super powers are radiating excessive body heat in the middle of the night and constant whine about being hot. That should scare a few bad guys away.