Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Great Wild West

Here's the first part of our trip out west this past May. Drove more than 1700 miles on this trip.

Elk Grove
Started off at my sister's place in Elk Grove (south of Sacramento). Spend time roaming around town with my sister and my parents (in from Hawaii) while WG worked from home from their house. We got a one day visitation with my all-too-busy-college-student nephew before he went off on a crazy long weekend camping music festival in Washington.

My niece got her license (on the last day of her permit) while we were there. Now we have to worry about her getting lost. I baked a vanilla bean cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting (Yummmm!) to celebrate. Read about it in super eggplant. The recipe is from Coconut and Lime.

THE PLANE. All the boys (dad and WG) were excited to see that. My brother-in-law has decide to build a plane in his garage. As you can see from the pictures below, my ride isn't coming too soon

The plans

Here's a part of the plane that he has built. Not sure what part it is. He is really building everything from scratch.

This piece was on his work bench. There was way too many holes that he had to drill. Can't wait to see the progress and my ride.

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