Monday, December 27, 2010

Gave myself a present

A day of rest--aside from digging out from the snow, I did nothing but stuff for myself. WG even cooked and served me dinner.

Tomorrow back to the grind. One day of work, a load of laundry, getting the files together, more baking and helping out at the restaurant for the rest of the week.

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The sun has come out

A beautiful morning
and it's a beautiful morning. But I think it will be a killer dig out as the snow is partially up the breezeway door. The 2 snow bumps in the middle of the pictures are our cars.

Right out of the pan

the monkey bread. No icing. And I don't think I'll add it. I think it has enough sugar for my taste. Had it this morning. Pretty tasty gooey messy. 

Monkey bread 1

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I must be dreaming bake goods!

Even my bushes look like cupcakes. Out my front door. Looks green tea cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. YUM! Now that sounds like something I should make. 

My iced cupcake bushes

A bit stir crazy?

You would think I would be taking a rest from baking after all the baking I've been doing (2 loaves of lemon cake, 1 batch of chocolate white chocolate chip cookies and bake mochi yesterday and bread pudding this morning). But I just put in the oven some Monkey Bread. Someone from work told me about this--I loved the name and decided I had to make it. Recipe is a adaptation/cheater version from Martha Stewart. I bought pre-made bread dough and didn't use nuts. I hope it comes okay--I would think it would with all the butter and brown sugar in it. How could it be bad. 

Here's the Monkey Bread pre-oven, after it's rise. I ran out of brown sugar topping but the amount I made, I don't think it will hurt it. This snack will come in handy after our dig out tomorrow. I'll post a pic of the finish version with an review later.

Monkey bread waiting for th oven

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The restaurant got a facebook page

Our wonderful neighbor, Brian put up our facebook page. I'm so happy. I've been so swamped at work that I couldn't even get to that. So thank you, thank you, thank you Brian. You have just made my day. 

I wanted to let all my readers know what a great neighbor and about his restaurant in Jamesburg, NJ. It's called Fiddleheads Restaurant. Please visit his restaurant website to see what going on at his restaurant: or facebook page:!/FiddleheadsJamesburg.

I also wanted to let you know that I'm going to stop posting about the restaurant here and move all of that to It's purely the happenings in PrincessHotFlash. Hope you keep reading.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

We're open!

As of 6:00am, 12/9/10, we are officially open. Still working out things. Started a blog for the restaurant to feature new dishes and things that are happening there. Here's the link:

Still have posted anything there. It has a banner. Will try and get to it this weekend. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Restaurant Update

Got new tables and chairs a week before Thanksgiving and we passed one of inspections last Wednesday. 2 more to go. 

New tables and chairs

Recipes testing are starting in full force. 1) Dumplings with fried garlic and sweet soy  2) Roast duck on steam bread with hoisin sauce, cucumbers and scallions.

Dim sum recipe test

Duck recipe test