Sunday, December 26, 2010

A bit stir crazy?

You would think I would be taking a rest from baking after all the baking I've been doing (2 loaves of lemon cake, 1 batch of chocolate white chocolate chip cookies and bake mochi yesterday and bread pudding this morning). But I just put in the oven some Monkey Bread. Someone from work told me about this--I loved the name and decided I had to make it. Recipe is a adaptation/cheater version from Martha Stewart. I bought pre-made bread dough and didn't use nuts. I hope it comes okay--I would think it would with all the butter and brown sugar in it. How could it be bad. 

Here's the Monkey Bread pre-oven, after it's rise. I ran out of brown sugar topping but the amount I made, I don't think it will hurt it. This snack will come in handy after our dig out tomorrow. I'll post a pic of the finish version with an review later.

Monkey bread waiting for th oven

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