Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Miss Hot Flash's fan

So I finally got a fan for my side of the bed. It's the tower type, that's pretty quiet. CnP was not happy about. Why? I don't know. She has been alway skiddish, so I guess it's scary. Tough! I'm hot and tired of sleep on the floor with a sleeping bag mat. It's fan on for me!

Friday, August 14, 2009


As I promised here's my link for my Grand Teton pictures.

Back to my vacation preview, next to Arches National Park in South East Utah.

Day 5
A driving day, I'm secretly hoping that we reach Arches before the visitors center closes. I want to get on the Fiery Furnace Hike for Friday (our last day). No pressure, I don't want to us drive like a crazy people to get there and it's all booked up.

We kind of drove in a diagonal line through Utah. The drive was quite beautiful, saw some fun looking state parks. No time to stop. It was pretty much small town all the way until we hit this town called Bear Lake. Actually, I really didn't know it was called, I had to look it up on the map as I was writing this. It had enormous mansions everywhere you looked, with multiple car garages and recreation vechicles (giant speed boats everywhere. It was such a surprise to see. We stop at the rest stop at the edge of town and I asked the person there about the town. It was a resort town, a lot of folks from Salt Lake. If this is any sign, people in Salt Lake must loaded.

Then off we go. We kind of make a decision not to stop for lunch. We had a bag of goodies in the car and we ate what we had. We end up stopping in Helper and Green--caffeine and bathroom break. Not bad for all day drive. We got to the visitor center at 5:30 and hour to spare and got the last 2 tickets for the fiery furnace hike on Friday. Here's a picture of me at the visitor center.


I wasn't finished but I must have pressed the "publish post" button. Day 6 to be continued later.


When I started the blog, I thought I would write about being hot, my horrible commute and all the stuff I've making. Well, overall, my horrible commute has gotten a lot better since (sad to say) the economy has gotten bad. I don't think as many people are commuting work as before so I don't get stuck in 2.5 hour commute several times a week.

So anyway, as I was driving to work today, I came up with a little topic for discussion. BLINKERS AND WHY WE HAVE THEM. According to much of the drivers on the road with me this morning they are not necessary because I can mind read when they will be cutting off. I wish there was another part to mind read that I could send messages to these people. Oh the joy of commuting to work.