Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Been dreaming of . . .

of a delicious layered cake. But I haven't time to make it. I've too busy doing too many things. See my post previous post. 
One of my finish projects for the restaurant--Gift Certificates
Most of my tasks as of recent have been for the restaurant. Though I've trying to fit in stuff for the house, making up holiday gift [trying to be on time this year as I'm seeing so many people over the holidays] and exercising. 
Got my quince jam all done
Did I mention that I ran a mile without stopping the other day. That's big in my book. My back was aching and running seems to loosen up the tightness. I should be running a marathon with all the tightness I have. Got to love my gym. 
Got a tracker for my 15 yr anniversary from work 
But I'm getting off track and my dreams of my layered cake await. It all started with having an abundance of egg whites from the cheesecake and coconut and lime pie I make for the restaurant. I hate tossing it out. 

I know, I know, freeze it but my freezer has no space and I most definitely will forget it is in there. 

Anyway, looking for something to make with the egg whites I remembered seeing meringue like disk that is layered into a cake. I knew it's started with a "da" and had a "q" in. You got to love google. 

Dacquoise are like meringue with almond flour, kind of like a meringue cake. Can be flavored. I'm going to use try this Toasted Almond Dacquoise recipe from Zoe Bakes.

So the cake I've been dreaming of is a layered Chai tea cake, cardamon dacquoise, lilikoi curd and vanilla bean swiss buttercream. Hopefully I will have time this weekend to make it. I want to try out a recipe for marshmallow. I know what a tease, thought you were going to see pictures of the finished cake. Trust me I'm waiting for that also. Here's a picture of the last layered cake I made. 
Mom's Birthday Cake this past May--German chocolate with marshmallow frosting 

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