Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I want to start the new year . . .

UPDATE: 8 bags of housewares and clothes for Goodwill. There were 4 cars ahead of me @ the drop off center. I guess other people had the same idea as me. 

Well, in my Dad's eyes, with a clean house. Growing up, I always tried to get out of the house the week after christmas so I didn't have massive cleaning chores to do, especially cleaning the windows. Glass louvers, whoever came up with that idea, never had to clean them. Ugh!

But it's cold outside at my house, so no window cleaning for me. But isn't it funny that I have picked up my dad's tradition and I'm trying to scrub my house as clean as I can get it before the new year. So far I've stripped all the beds and washed the sheets and pillow cases. The towels are done. And tomorrow will be the last loads of dirty clothes.

I've been also going through my closets to find items to bring to Goodwill. And found a bunch of old pictures. I decided to get rid pictures that wasn't any good or could recognize the place or person(s). In my purge, I found several great ones that I thought I'd share.

from my first year in NYC
This is Oct 5 1983. I'm with M, my roommate @ Pratt. We are on the Lower East side, shopping for supplies for school. I think this the day I first meet WG.

from Grandpa's 80th
@ Grandpa's 80th
Ahhh! To be so young and cute again. I'm not in this picture. It was probably when I was in NYC.

Grandpa with his girls
Everyone always said how my mom and her sister look so much a like. This picture pretty much affirms that comment. They all kind of look like each other. The youngest is missing. She probably couldn't make from CA.

T & C
T & C in Boston
From our trip to Boston. I've always loved this picture of them, they look so cute. 

kids and dinosaur
The kids @ dinosaurs

This is a new one. My sister and her family are visiting my nephew and girlfriend in NYC. And I met up with them and my cousin at the Natural History Museum. Thank goodness they are still young and goofy enough to pose for a silly picture for their auntie.

Well, that's all got for today. 

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