Friday, May 14, 2010

Princess Click-Click

She's so cute for a old lady. But I am her owner.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm such a candy girl. My current favorite is Skittles. I even got some as my lunch on the train back from Boston. Japanese candy alway makes me happy, just a little hard to find.

What's your current favorite? (yes, a cheap tricky to get some comments--ha!)

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Tomoe Ame

I forgot that these tasted so good. Kind of fruity, a bit orangey, slightly gummy in texture with a edible rice paper wrapper. Toys not as fun as before but the sticker is kind of kawaii (cute).

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The change of season

I'm usually suffering from terrible allergies this time of year. Who knew the neti pot and a vacation to Hawaii saved me from my terrible honking cough. I think I planned the perfect time to be away from my giant pine tree in front my house.

But change in weather, is killing my sleep. Too hot doesn't mix well with fluctuating hormones. Especially when these stupid "hot flashes" come at bedtime. It was AC and fan for me.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I almost forgot . . .

to tell you about my Hawaii Loa hike. I've been wanting to go on this hike for years. The intrigue of needed someone with a Hawaii driver license to go on this hike has been calling my name. So, I got my cousin E. to take us ( she was on furlough Friday and her knee were good).

Hawaii Loa hike is in a gate community ( million dollar homes with million dollar views), so we needed to fill out a form at the gatehouse, sign away our lives and not veer off the road to look at the fabulous homes. Once we did that, you arrive at a private park (the most immaculate park I've every seen, not a single dead leaf to be found and not a single person to be seen besides the grounds crew).

I was quite happy that the day was overcast and breezy to make the hike up the ridge easier. It started out great--beautiful view of Koko head and the back side diamond head but the skies toward the ridge started to darken.

We continue upward, huffing and puffing take breaks to take pictures when we needed to a break. We past through a grove a trees (guava, I think) then negociated some rope down an incline. And we were still not there.

At some point, WG decide he would run out of energy if he continued so he turn back. Me and E trudged on. Then it started to rain. At first we thought it would pass, but as we got closer to the end we realize, the cloud covered ridge and not seeing the other side of the island, was not worth finishing the hike especially since the last part include more ropes.

Here a few pictures from the hike. Maybe one day I'll get to the top. Too bad I forgot to get a picture of how muddy I got. At least I had a towel to wipe off some it before we went to get some Korean BBQ. Nice!

1. View towards Koko head start of the hike. Note the blue skies.
2. Looking up before the rain
3. The ridge during the rain, right before we stopped.

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