Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wild Wild West--Part 2

It's almost a year since I took this trip but I wanted to share what I thought so beautiful, Zion National Park. We were there only for a day (next time longer and will stay near the park to get a early jump on hiking) and only really got to hike up Angel's Landing. I wished I made it all the way but I thought it would have been worst not to be able to get back down. As you can see, we had the most beautiful weather that day. Blue skies everywhere. Here some of our pics:



Angel's Landing
Angel's landing

april in front of Angel's Landing
PHF at in front of Angel's landing

oat in front of Angel's Landing
WG at in front of Angel's landing

wheatgerm's fabulous buys

Went to the flea market this Saturday. WG got some great buys. I thought I'd shared them with you. It's not exactly what I would have wanted but WG couldn't pass up the deal.

flea market find 2
flea market find 1

Goram Silver plated flatwear 44 pieces

flea market find 4
flea market find 3

noritake setting for 8

Got some great ideas for bags. Keep seeing these great crochet bags in a granny square patter in this black cord-like yarn. I need to do some research to figure out the the "yarn" is. I'm work on a scarf right on using a yarn that may work for this bag. I may have to buy more to make a prototype. Will post something soon when I have worked out a bit.

This is also the lunch WG made for me today. Rad Na Moo--flat rice noodle in a pork sauce with baby chinese broccoli. Yum!!

rad na moo

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

something to do

Sometimes all you need is something to do. Today is my day for looking for something to do. I knew today would be waiting to see if any work would be coming my way and nothing has come. I should have know better to bring a book or some knitting project.

I've done all what I could do—bills, rescheduled a doctors appointment, emailed a friend, look up patterns that I want to knit and crochet . . . I even looked for tickets for my CA trip this June. And still I need something to do.

I have an hour to go at work. Tomorrow, I'll bring in my kindle and some knitting but watch, I'll have lines out my door with people wanting me to do work for them.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I got a haircut

Nothing too dramatic, just a bob. I was a hair model at a fancy salon in Morristown. Got a nice cut, very even.

So with my new cut comes a new PHF drawing courtesy of seb. Check out my new superhero power beside leaping tall buildings.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Trying to catch up

It's a snow day for me today! YOO HOO! I love these days, didn't get them in Hawaii, when I was a kid. I totally understand how kids feel about them.

I decide to be productive and
try to get caught up with posting all the things I've been wanting to post since this summer, mainly my vacation pictures. I've been so slow with that. I still haven't gotten to edit those pictures, let alone and posting them. Maybe if we get another snow day this month, I get to the vacation pictures!

But I have a lot of knitting stuff for you. To my surprise I've been knitting and crocheting a great deal these past few months. So I wanted to share with you what I've been doing.

My stripe vest
I've been working on this for sometime. I'm not really happy with it. Size is off and I'm hoping when I block the piece I can make it fit better. Just the
ribbing on the armholes to go. But it may go by the lily pad.

Boucle bath rug
This was suppose to be Mom and Dad's x-mas gift. As you can tell, I didn't make it. Too many dish cloths killed me this year. So they'll probably get it at niecey-poo's graduation. It's coming out great. I hope they like it.

.99 cents bag
Really it was .99 cents per skein and I bought 6 skeins. How could I past that up. The pattern is from called the knitting tote. Right now, it looks like a big rust color rectangle. I hope it will transform into a great-looking bag. Need to buy a handle and grommets for the draw strings on the side. And did into my fabric stash for some funky retro lining to finish it up. Will post the finish piece when done.

WG's mittens
I think he's been wanting something for a while. I've knitted for everyone else but him. I wanted to make some thing quick, that looked great to me and he would want to wear. Ta dah! Mittens in Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed with a simple stripe that runs through it. One more side to go, I hope to finish it today.

That's it for me. I'm off to knit by the fireplace. Then get our tax papers together. Visitors are coming this weekend for an overnight. I guess I'll be clean this week. Need more snow days for this Hawaiian girl.