Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why all the baking?

The other day WG was out @ one the big box store and came home with 4 dozen eggs and as he was taking it out of the car, it drop out of his hands. The first top layer was cracked, 24 eggs. So I tried to rescue as many as I could. And this is the reason for baking so much. I'm trying use up the eggs. 

This is what I've made so far:
Banana cake--2 loaves
Crack pie--2 pies
French Toast-10 slices of bread (I used my leftover ends)

Tomorrow, I'll use up the last of the eggs making a brown sugar cake (did I mention I have too much brown sugar, too. This what happens when you don't look before you go shopping). It takes 5 eggs. That will be it. 

I'm trying to test stuff I want to make for the restaurant. But this batch was just about making the eggs go away. Somebody will be happy with all the stuff I've made.

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princess hot flash said...

Update: no additional baking. WG made a mad scientist omelette--whatever he found in the frig.