Sunday, September 12, 2010

my making stuff queue

My ever growing making-stuff queue is hopefully getting smaller (if I can only stop buying yarn for new project). I've finished a few things and getting very close to another. And of course, I've started several more. I just wanted to share my queue. (btw: love the word "queue" ever since working with my british art director many years ago. I'm happy I got to use it in my blog.)

Finish project: Tiger team scarf 
It's made of linen/merino wool blend. Got the yarn in Boston on a business trip. Need a project for the long train ride home. It's actually more like a wrap so I think I can wear to the wedding in October. 
Tiger team scarf-- all done

Work in Progress: Crazy Yarn Ball Scarf 
I started this on Saturday. I was looking for something mindless and this fit the bill. The yarn was a gift and all I had to do is knit. It even comes with the tassels for the ends. I started off bigger but I think this will be fun longer. So I ripped out everything I did and made it 6 stitches shorter. Hopefully that was enough to make it as long as I would like it. Feels very warm but not sure what I'm going to do with it. I've notice I've making a lot of scarves lately. It's not as if I needed them. 
Crazy ball of yarn scarf

My yarn stash: Suri Alpaca
This is from my local farmer's market. Making a lace crocheted shawl for a gif with the 1st skein (yes, I bought 2, thinking I was going to make another scarf but changed my mind in the process). I tried to take a picture today of what I was making. Didn't work. Photo to come.
Purple/gray suri

My yarn stash: Sea Cell (seaweed) and Silk Blend
My birthday gift from my sister. I know I'll make a lacy wrap/scarf for myself. I know I just said I have too many scarves but I don't have a seaweed/silk blend one. Plus it has the shiny silk-iness that make it so beautiful and rich. The hard part will be what pattern to make. The other 2 thing in the picture is a retrackable tape measure and stitch markers to help keep track of the pattern--these are really nice. I'm usually cheap and have used paper clip instead.
My birthday gift

That's all the stuff for now. Will post more late. 

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