Friday, August 27, 2010

WG's food research

One of the benefit of the starting a restaurant is the food research. WG went into the city today to get some Banh Mi to try. He did some research and found where he could get some good ones. So for my lunch today--since I'm working from home (did I mention I'm so happy today--could it be because I didn't have to get up at 5:30 in the morning and drive in for crap traffic), I got a delicious Pork Banh Mi. Yum!

Banh Mi

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things that I don't want

So nothing wrong with truck, WG decided to install the remote starter in the truck. Something I didn't want.

No wonder all the mystery. I hope this doesn't give me trouble. It's the last thing I want in the truck. Why can't somebody ask me first?

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Waiting for my ride

WG attempts to call me 3x this afternoon. All I hear is "hello?" "hello?"
I finally reach him. And he said, "Can you get home by 6:30?"
"I guess, why?"
"Need to drop the car off."
So I'm thinking something is wrong with his car. Not realizing I had a 4-5 meeting, I make a mad dash out of the office @ 4:50. I hit all kinds of traffic, I pull in to my driveway @ 6:35. He's no where to be found. I pick up my phone to find 2 message--Why doesn't he know I don't pick up the phone while driving. So I called him and to be told to drop the truck off at the Honda dealership.

Now wait, I thought it was his car we dropping off. What is wrong with the truck? To make this very long story shorter, it's a 1/2 hour since I dropped the car off and I'm still waiting and I need to use the bathroom cause I made mad dash here.

Why do I even try!

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Off to almost Canada

I'm back from almost Canada. Went a short road trip with my sister and niece this past weekend. to move the little one (she's the tallest of the bunch) in to the dorm for her second  year. 

Had beautiful weather driving up. Wish we could have stopped and played tourist but had to leave later than I wanted because I had to sit in on a conference call before I left (really sucked). The weather was okay for the next day till we really left the school to go back to the hotel. Then rain, rain, rain. I'm so glad we didn't have to move her in on Sunday we would have been soaked

The little one did a really good job at packing her stuff (not too heavy) and not having too much crap (like me). I survive with 1 little black and blue on my arm. I think my sister survive pretty well, she already had a bad back and wasn't hobbling when we left so I think overall the 2 old ladies survived.

On our free morning before meeting little one's boyfriend we went off to find a yarn store in a town near by. Yea! for the hotel internet (no cell phone) and GPS to make it possible for us to find Fiber Options in Rensselear Falls. Cute shop nice selection of yarn and 1/2 the store is a quilting. Here's a pic of the yarn a bought. Going to turn it into a hat or cowl for me (but I bet it will end up in WG's collection).

Almost Canada yarn

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Wonderful Reunion

This past Sunday, I meet up with 4 girlfriends who I haven't seen in a long time; CJ from Atlanta, GA, TO and LLC from Montclair, NJ and LK from NYC. All originally from Hawaii, CJ and TO came to NYC the same time as I did, 27 years ago, this month. (By the way, I didn't remember the date exact date but TO did, she still has the ticket from when we came up. And I think I have trouble throwing things out)

It was CJ's big birthday and she was in town to celebrate. We decided to have a nice lunch @ Momofuko Ssam Bar. We did family style sharing the special bun, market greens, spicy rice cakes and lamb sausages. Everything was tasty but the special bun was delicious--I even ate the yellow  tomato that was in it. After lunch went over to LK's her fab union square apt and talked, talked, a short hop to City Bakery for sweets (double chocolate cookie for me), then back to LK's apt for even more talking. 

It was such a nice time. Lots of laugh. Next time we shouldn't go so long.