Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One more watefall

Went to one more waterfall before going home, Opaeka'a Falls. Right in Kapaa, near our hotel. There was also nice lookout of Wailua river.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last day of being a tourist

WG and I were really being the tourist as we stop in Hanapepe and walk over the swinging bridge.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Day 3, Kauai
Southside of the island

Off to sunny southside of the island. Went to see spouting horn. There were 2 sea turtles swimming around the reef. Really big.

Tried to go and see the sea arch. Couldn't find where the parking area and public access was. Ah! Too bad.

I almost forgot that we stop at the park were the Prince Kuhio monument is. Nice little park , no one really there. There was a mango tree with green mangos on it.

1. Spouting Horn
2. Where the sea turtle were swimming
3. Green mangos

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Wailua falls

Day 3, Kauai
Eastside of the island

It's nice and sunny today to go touring around the island. First stop, Wailua Falls.

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Location:Kahuanani St,Waimalu,United States

Kilauea Lighthouse

Day 2, Kauai
Northside of the island
Kilauea lighthouse has tons of seabirds to see. The ranger was so helpful and spent a few minutes telling us about the birds while she closing up the park. There were albatrosses nesting in the trees to left of the lighthouse. On the cliffs to the right of lighthouse were these white birds that nest there (can't remember their name). At first they look like flowers, when you closely see the birds landing there an realize they are birds.

1. From the outlook
2. The lighthouse
3. Nene, Hawaiian Goose

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Location:Lihue,United States

Hike to Hanakapiai beach

Day 2, Kauai
Northside of the island
Started off the day hiking to Hanakapiai beach on the Kalalaua trail. This hike has beautiful views of the Na Pali coast. The trail was muddy and slippery but very worth all the mud I had on me.

1. Kee beach
2. The trail
3. View of the Na Pali coast
4. My muddy shoes
5. Hanakapiai beach

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Location:Nalu Rd,Puhi-Hanamaulu,United States


First day on Kauai, gray and rainy. Decide to head west in hopes of some sun. We went to Waimea Canyon and it cleared up a bit, below Kokee Lodge but anything above that all you could see was clouds and rain.

There's tons of wild chickens on Kauai. They are so beautiful so many different varieties.

1. From Waimea Canyon Outlook
2. Potholes on the road to top but nothing see but fog and clouds.
3. One of the chickens @ Kokee Lodge
4. Rooster

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Location:Aleka Pl,Kapaa,United States

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My birthday party

This past Saturday I had a birthday party --not just any old birthday party but my 50th. Although I hate to admit it but yes 50 years old.

This was such a nice party, got to see old friends I hadn't see in years. It was so much fun.

I wasn't able to get that great pictures with my phone. Here's few pictures of of the group. I didn't get picture of karaoke--no singing for me.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kaena Point Park Reserve

Spent my birthday morning, hiking to Kaena Point Park Reserve. Great hike to see animals if you are on Oahu around this time of year. We saw 3 Hawaiian monk seals and albatrosses. A pretty flat hike barring the rutted road (4 wheel drive only) to the reserve. The trail runs along the coastline and waves were big.

It was overcast and windy morning with sporadic shower-- which is better than full sun because it would be a very hot hike if it was.

After our hike, we ate our lunch in the car, watching the big surf. Then off Paalaakai bakery for puffies--puff pastry with pastry creme filling. Really good--on the recommendation of my cousins. Little hard to find. It's on your way to (or back) dillingham field, on the main road in tiny strip mall.

1. Looking west around the point
2. Light gray spot in the middle of the image is monk seal.
3. Waves coming in

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mom's beautiful orchid

Blew over in the strong winds yesterday and this stem of flowers broke off. Now we can enjoy it inside.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Shave Ice yummmmm!

Trying to get in the foods I've missed from Hawaii. Went to Wahiawa to my cousin. Then off to get some shave ice. Mom: strawberry w/ ice cream, mine: vanilla w/ ice cream. Mom can't remember when the last time she had Matsumoto shave ice.

Then we were off to end of the road.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My 1st 50th bday gift

My mascot because I'm crabby.

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Pre-Birthday cheer

My office was decorate early because I'm leaving on vacation.

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