Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kaena Point Park Reserve

Spent my birthday morning, hiking to Kaena Point Park Reserve. Great hike to see animals if you are on Oahu around this time of year. We saw 3 Hawaiian monk seals and albatrosses. A pretty flat hike barring the rutted road (4 wheel drive only) to the reserve. The trail runs along the coastline and waves were big.

It was overcast and windy morning with sporadic shower-- which is better than full sun because it would be a very hot hike if it was.

After our hike, we ate our lunch in the car, watching the big surf. Then off Paalaakai bakery for puffies--puff pastry with pastry creme filling. Really good--on the recommendation of my cousins. Little hard to find. It's on your way to (or back) dillingham field, on the main road in tiny strip mall.

1. Looking west around the point
2. Light gray spot in the middle of the image is monk seal.
3. Waves coming in

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