Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Finish Products

zucchini caramelized onion tart big
I thought I'd post some of the finish products of my weekend of cooking/baking. This is my zucchini caramelized onion tart.

I got called away yesterday when I was about to start my tart and pie [it was pretty good timing, I had just made the crust and put it in the refrig to rest]. Some friends stopped by the restaurant and went over to have a visit. By the time, I got back home too tired to start up again [stayed a bit at the restaurant, it was busy. Yah!] 

So I started up again this morning, with some jam work-- need to put my crock pot jam on the stove to thicken up. I kind messed up by cutting pieces too big and I think I over cooked a bit. The color is a browny orange but the taste is really intense apricot flavor. Anyway, it's for me as long as it taste good, I'll can use it in my yogurt for breakfast. 

I kind messed up my zucchini caramelized onion tart from One Perfect Bite. It looks better than it came out. I used a tart pan [not deep enough] and I should have used a deep dish pie pan as the recipe called for. It tasted okay but would have tasted much better if it was thicker with the eggy, cheesy custard. Still nice combination of sweetness from the caramelized onion and garlic-y zucchini. Will make again in the right size pan.

zucchini caramelized onion tart sm
I had enough dough and tart stuff fot make a little tart, too. 

Apple Sour Cream Crumb Pie from Martha Stewart was next. Apples from the farmers market  2 kinds but I forgot the their names. Again I had enough dough to make a little pie for me and WG. 

Of course, as I always do with a new recipe, I go through to it too fast and miss a step. I put the apple mix in the crust then topped it off with the crumb topping and popped it in the oven. And for some reason I decided to look at the recipe again and realized I wasn't suppose to put the topping on yet. I yanked the pies out of the oven and try my best to scrap the topping off. I guess was quick enough to get most of it off and it wasn't all melted. Whew!!!

It's a drippy messy pie [thanks to all the butter in it, I think I can reduce the butter a bit.], thank goodness I listen to the recipe and put the pie on sheet pan with cake rack. 
apple pie 4

For our dessert for tonight.
apple pie 6

As I waited for my pies to cool, I realized I had to get to the library [before it close @ 4] to return my books on cd and get new ones for the next two weeks. Yes, I did get through both of them, I missed calculated the amount of cds in both of the books--6 in Crazy for the Storm and 20 [not 32] in the Calligrapher's Daughter. I was off on Friday and spend my day baking and listening to Calligrapher's Daughter. It was a pretty relaxing day. I'll post my new books and a little review of the that I just listen to later. 


Karen said...

This all looks yummy April! I've been listening to books on CD on my iPod while I garden, help with construction or cook. I love it. I recently finished Stephen King's 11/22/63, and though it took FOREVER, it was great to listen to!

Cafe Bua/princesshotflash said...

These books saved me on the day I had 2 1/2 hour commute into work. I think it if I didn't have I would have been a crabby mess. I'll look for that Steven King book. I haven't read Steven King in years.