Friday, September 17, 2010

more food research

I got a little bit of 5 sandwiches for dinner last night.

-Cambodian beef sandwich
-Cambodian pulled pork sandwich
-Cambodian catfish sandwich
-porchetta sandwich
-mozzarella/sundried tomatoes/salsa verde sandwich

All the cambodian sandwiches has creamy chili sauce, pickle shredded carrots, cucumber, and cilantro, with siracha chili sauce on the side on a french bread. Sort of like bahn mi. I liked the beef sandwich the best, good asian style bbq flavor on the beef, cooked perfect with a little pink showing, perfect portion to the bread and condiments. Wished the carrots were more flavorful, maybe more vinegar-y. The chili sauce was the right heat for me and went well with the beef and fish. I didn't like the pulled pork texture, kind of mushy. I think it would have been better as sliced grill pork. The fish was okay but not spectacular.

The other 2 sandwiches were okay. Like the fish sandwich nothing spectacular. The best thing about the sandwich was the bread, chibatta. The pork in the sandwich was tasty and had nice texture (way better than the pulled pork) but that was it. There was no sauce or and veggies in the pork sandwich, just meat. I think it need some other texture (crunch) in there and maybe a little bit of acid-y taste. The mozzarella sandwich the cheese was soft and creamy but the salsa verde had no taste so the sandwich was quite bland.

Here's a picture of the catfish sandwich. Once again forgot to take the picture of sandwiches right away. We ate part of the beef sandwich by time we realize let get some pictures.

Cambodian catfish sandwich

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