Sunday, July 27, 2008


I wanted to share a few of vacation pictures with you. I'm a little pokey so these are from Prague in February '08. One day I'll get pictures out on time.

After very bad fight (migraine and throwing up), my first really day started off great. Weather not cold at all. Here's the the tram we about to catch.

Wheatgerm (WG) in the main square. Look! he's wearing the first sweater I ever knitted. Not bad, don't you think.

View from Prague Castle, actually it's outside of the castle gates. We had such good weather, it made every looks so beautiful.

Leaving the Prague Castle. May look a bit annoyed. WG is the photographer and very rarely do I get to take a picture. For someone who hate getting her picture taken, it's kind of torture. I always look fat.

See more pictures at my flickr site.

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