Friday, September 2, 2011


The article is up! Here's the link: Munchmobile 2011: Reader's choice trip ends season
Can you tell I'm excited? Happy Reading! 

Ran out earlier to the market to get the Star Ledger. Stop @ SB for an iced mocha and read the article. It was great! We got the Top Dog honors for their Reader's Choice visit. Wow! I'm feeling a little jittery--not sure if it from the article or my ice mocha. 

This whole event has come as such a wonderful unexpected surprise. It makes all the hard work that we have been doing so worth it. Thanks everyone for all the support!

If you can get the Star Ledger, it the September 2 Munchmobile article. If not, here's the link to the munchmobile site. Article not up yet but will post everywhere when it is. Here's what the article looks like.

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