Sunday, October 31, 2010

recipe test #1

Fruit and Savory pies

I was having a conversation one day about coffee and bake goods when someone mentioned the pineapple empanadas from that famous coffee place and that they don't make them anymore. The way he describe them, they sounded really good, something I would like to eat. So I did a little research and this first test is a result of that conversation.

I really don't like making pie dough but think this would make a great appetizer or dessert for the restaurant. I made up a pineapple pie, tart apple pie and savory mushroom pie. 

For the pineapple pie, I sauteed the pineapples in butter and brown sugar and add grated lemon zest. I like it but it need something else. Maybe some thyme or mint.

The apple I just added lemon juice, brown sugar, cinnamon and lemon zest. Kind of traditional. Maybe a pear version would be better.

And the mushroom pie, both WG and my favorite. Made with chanterelles mushrooms, shallots, thyme, sauteed in butter, with grated manchego cheese. It was delicious. I've been drying to make this. WG said we should add truffle oil.

Above all, the crust was really flaky and buttery. But I'm testing and recipe to see if it will work better. 

Next in my line up for these pies will be another try with the pineapple and mushroom, a new flavor: potato, chorizo and pepper combination. I'm making up the dough today and will bake a batch tomorrow. 

Today's baking: peanut butter cookies, some kind chocolate chip and more zucchini bread. I'm trying to adjust my recipe, I think it is a bit too sweet. Stay tune for more pictures.

Here's some pictures of my fruit pies:

Pineapple and apple fruit pies

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