Sunday, October 31, 2010

A healthy muffin

My sister was sprinkling flax seed meal on her morning bagel. I decide to try it to see how it taste. I had flax seed before but not the meal. It tasted the same a little nutty. I decide to buy it when I got back. There's a recipe for Bran Flax muffins. Just the name alone almost scared me away but as I read the recipe I thought it had promise.

Grated carrots and apples, how bad could it be. The only thing is that it didn't have a whole lot of fat in it. It had 3/4 cup of milk and 2 eggs. I was a little nervous.

Well, 17 muffins later the jury is still out. The taste isn't bad, and it is quite moist but the texture a little strange. It could be the flax meal and oat bran. I still think it need some fat (butter or oil). Here's some pictures, before the oven, done, and inside the muffin. The before and after pics look only slightly different.

17 bran flax muffin waiting for the oven

Muffins all done

Inside of the muffin

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