Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It snowed for J

J came for a visit from Hawaii. I tried to prepare her--gave her the forecast for the upcoming week but how do you prepare a person that lives in mid 70s–low 80s for the majority of the year for 30s and 40s with windchill and late March snow. 

With borrowed wool sweater and hat, she was a trooper running around NYC, Philly and central NJ. FYI: I kind of tortured J on our first day out, we walked 7 miles plus. Besides the snowy day, we had pretty much great weather beside being cold. Didn't take pictures of every place we went, here's what I got. 

NYC: The High Line, 9/11 Memorial, Brooklyn Bridge

I  think this is witch hazel?
bittersweet and tracks
9/ll Memorial
One World Trade Center
Loved the reflection on the buildings
J on the Brooklyn Bridge

Central NJ: Snowing and baking

sticking to the branches
lot of branches waiting for spring clean up
Winter wonderland for J
Tested out raspberry mousse with lemony white cake on J

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