Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's snowing again!

Our house in the snow
And it's so beautiful. Started early this morning and it's been snowing steadily since. Suppose to continue till 7 this evening. If that's true, that's a lot of snow. 

But you know me, I love the white stuff. Went out for quick break from work [work from home means no more snow days--boo!] around noon-ish to get a couple of quick pics and I've been shooting out of my window from my office. 

Just got back from my walk--45 minute plus 15 minutes of shoveling. My nice neighbor came by and got most of the snow with the snow blower. I did in between the cars and clear a path from the cars to the side door. I saved the cars for WG to do as he had a whole day of rest and the history channel. He needs to get the blood flowing.

Kids were out sledding and another neighbor was out walking and taking pictures. But there was a whole lot of car driving. Can't they just enjoy the snow a bit.

Well after I have dinner I need to get dessert for the restaurant to fill up the dessert case--molten chocolate and creme brulee. Want to test a lemon cake with raspberry mousse and vanilla bean buttercream. Let's see if I have time this weekend. 
At the start of my day, out of my office window
My mid-day break from my front yard

Out of my office window, around 1:00pm
Smile! It will melt soon!
I took a bunch more pics of snow and have uploaded to a flickr album. If you are not sick of the white stuff have a look. It's such a beautiful snowy day:

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