Saturday, February 28, 2015

Walks--Feb '15

The majority of January was fighting a bad head cold that turned into a sinus infections, so no walking post. February started my new commute to my new office location. And a walking I go [well on days I work in the office--snow, ice and 2 work from home days have made working in the office a little less than usual].

My commute involves parking in the farthest corner of daily parking, walking very fast to get to the platform to make my train, then a 40 minute ride to my transfer stop [been knitting on this leg--on project 2], at transfer stop go walk up a flight of stairs, walk across to the another end of the train station [this is a big transfer station] down flight down a flight a stairs, find my track that my train is leaving on then down another flight a stairs to the track and on to my last leg of the train ride. Once I get to my stop, it's a quite beautiful 5ish minute walk on waterfront over looking the Manhattan and Hudson river. 

Once I get to the new office, there is more walking to be had. A big wide open plan--bathroom and pantry on the opposite side of building has me walking back forth for all the basic needs. You can see how the steps add up. 

Here's a what I did on the first day at the new office. This includes a 1/2 hour walk around Hoboken to check out the site. 


I've also added doing the stairs after lunch with co-worker because the bitter cold. Started off off with 1 1/2 rounds of 14 floors. I'm up to 2 rounds now on back to back days but I'm sure paying for it. My front of my thighs hurt and going down the steps is so painful that I need to do it sideways [thank goodness I had a work from day]

Wish I remember to bring my phone on walks to get a picture. More pics in March [I hope].

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