Saturday, February 6, 2016

Commuter Projects 2015

Started commuting to Hoboken last February, set a goal of 12 projects by the end of the year. I post about setting that goal here. Here's the final count and just a quick run down of what I knitted and crochet this year.

Around 19+ project finished this year. Many made on the train/bus. I thought I documented all my finished projects but . . . But not too shabby for a year and all from my stash. Still knitting my stash away. Maybe next year it will all be gone?

Project 1: Linoleum dishcloth by Kay Gardiner x 2

many end to be woven in
Project 3: Seed Stitch Pouch
Finishing: hand stitching zipper in
Project 4–6: Set of 6 Crochet Buttons x 3
brunt orange buttons
Project 7: Crazy Yarn Log Cabin Throw
ends need to be woven in
Project 8–11: Market bag x 4
cotton scraps makes for fun market bag
Project 12–13: crocheted tiaras x 2
Princesses with their new tiaras
Project 14: crocheted basket
new basket, new cat
Project 15: lacy cowl
nice lightweight for the spring
Project 16–17: Graham hat for donations
for donation to Operation Gratitude
Project 18: Earflap hat for WG
This came out great. No picture. Thinking of making another hat in this pattern but need to find yarn in my stash.

Project 19: Eggplant for Ollie
Ollie and eggplant
I know there are a couple of other projects that I can't remember. But this is all I can remember. This is why my wrist hurt so much.

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Love the tiaras!