Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some Recent Baby Gifts

I haven't really been a slug these past few months. I've been . . . crazy busy at work, having too many visitors at home (cleaning and washing), dealing with my skinny old cat (cleaning and washing) and making gifts (the only fun thing). Yes, I've started on my holiday gifts. I guess I should complain that Starbucks are already using the holiday cups.

Anyway, here are some baby gifts I've made. Not the best pics, from my phone, kind of last minute. Right before I wrap the gift. I need to get my own camera or work on setting up better shots.

Teal pom-pom hat for Anders. I love pom-poms, make anything fun.


Round Baby blanket in green, white and blue colorway with picot edging. I know really crazy point of view. I was trying to get the whole thing in.


Close-up of center of blanket


Picot edging in dark blue colorway


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