Thursday, March 22, 2012

My new toys

To help my kitchen crazy, I've got three new toys to my arsenal. [Whoa! I know so many post in such short amount of time. I'm making up for all the dead air.]

My Cuisinart
my Cuisinart
I got a new food processor. The old one went to the restaurant [was not too happy about that]. The frugal me kept looking for sale and finally around Christmas I found a one day sale at Macy's and I had a coupon [I thought I hit the jackpot]. 

After a bit of hemming and hawing, I decided to dash out--early lunch--down the road to Macy's. I parked far away from all the crazy Christmas shoppers, asked the nice security guard where the houseware department was and I made a beeline to the food processor display. I finally decide on what model to get and got in line with all the crazy shoppers.

Now I'm not a big Macy's shopper and know very little about their one day sale and coupons policy [this when my jackpot is disappears]. But you find out a lot of information as you stand in line. Someone said "you'll probably can't use the coupon on electronics." [to be honest, I thought electronics was TV stuff?] I say, "Well, doesn't hurt to ask, if I can." [notice how optimistic I am] To make way too long story short. She was right but I got what I came for at a great price [but not as great as I thought I'd get. Lesson learned: before you go to a one day sale, learn what electronics means].

I'm slowly using it more. It slices my apples for my bread pudding and whips my cream [this was before I had my other new toy]. The next project will be peanut butter.

Hand mixer
my new hand mixer
Never thought I needed another mixer. [I still love the stand mixer] But I realized it would make my life so much easier if I got one. [less washing and drying] Frugal me said I could only get it only on sale. And found my sale and coupon this past weekend [and I could use both together and didn't need a ph.d to read the fine print]. Good old Kohl's.

I tried it whipping some cream. Fast and easy and used it in my Strawberry Cream pie. [Looks a bit lop-sided, but it was the first piece out of the pie]
Strawberry Cream Pie

Bread Maker
This was a hand-me-down from a friend from work. She had asked me once before if I wanted it. But I declined not wanting another big machine in my house. But on one crazy day, I found a link on how to make mochi in a bread maker. And that's how I got a bread machine [take godness she had given it away]. I have yet to try it and it is sitting in my dining room waiting to be used. I need a large chunk of time to test it and people to taste test it. Hopefully I'll have some free time to make up some. I haven't got a picture of it but I will post pics of it when in use making some mochi or bread [would really like to make more Portuguese Sweet Bread again].

Got to go. More to come. 

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