Sunday, April 22, 2012

If I get a chance . . .

I've been itching to test a few items for the restaurant.
  • Just tested edamame falafels with cucumber salad and sweet chili sauce for an appetizers at my office. It's a thumbs up but I still would like to tweek  it a bit. Maybe adding a some cilantro and mint to the falafel. Need to fiddle with it more, kind of to soft to put in the deep fryer. Need to get it a bit firmer but not dried out. I was thinking maybe adding some grain?
  • I have an idea for pan like in an pan, with caramelized apples with or without homemade an. For those who don't know what an pan is is a sweet bun with sweeten red bean in it. 
  • I just saw spring roll with apples tastespotting. Thought I could make it and add some caramel sauce on top? Thais make a banana fritter that way.
  • coconut syrup for the shave ice. I was thinking of combining simple syrup and reduce coconut milk
  • And that leads into almond float--I tried it before and liked it but want to do it again. Instead of almond I made it with vanilla instead. Maybe I can combine it together with shave ice and the coconut syrup.
  • Dango for shave ice. Need to figure out the shelf life of it. If it is too short, not worth it. 
  • 2 different cupcake flavors: hummingbird and tiramisu. Both of these have beautiful presentation-a pineapple flower on the hummingbird and mascarpone frosting dusted with cocoa on the tiramisu.
Don't know when I can do this as I barely can keep up with my current  baking schedule. 

And speaking of having no time, yesterday, when I drop off my baked goods to the restaurant, WG and a friend was having lunch and talking. He springs an idea for afternoon tea at the restaurant during a slow times. 

Laughter and disbelief were my initial reaction. If you think about afternoon tea and it's menu, most of the work would fall on my shoulders. 

He said "shouldn't be too hard." 

Then he start listing items he thinks could be on the menu, "finger sandwiches--cucumbers, bread, butter, how hard is that." Then he added, "scones and empanadas." 

Then I said, "you have many helpers in your kitchen and I have me, me and only me." 

Then he smiles and give me a look like I'm crazy asian lady and continues, "and we have to get teapots." 

BINGO! Now I know where this is coming from he want to go out and find crazy teapots for this.  This is what happens when you let the idea man think too much. 

WG concluded, "we'll never know if it will work, if we don't try."

And I left it with "let me think about it." So if I ever think again that I will have any free time in my future, let me reassure everyone, my "idea man" husband surely eliminate that. He sure owes me a really good vacation.

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