Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Bunch of Energy

So far this year I've had a bunch of energy and I've been putting it to good use. Besides the usual baking and jamming for the restaurant, I've been recipe testing and knitting my way through my yarn stash. I guess it doesn't hurt that it is bitterly cold outside and all of these tasks are prefect for a cold day. Here's a couple of recipes I've tested that came out great.

Recipe Testing

{Savory} Tried out two recipes from No, I'm not on the Paleo diet. These recipes are great and really worth trying out. 

A pile of shredded goodness

I know you can't beat the really thing but when you live thousands of miles away from Hawaii, you got to go to the next best thing. All done in my crock pot in 12 hours. Of course, I started it at 8:30am so it was done at 8:30pm. But my house smell delicious. And guess who came home and ate a bunch of it. I made it again and have a container in the freezer. I even made Kalua Pork and Cabbage with the little bit of leftovers that I had. Hmmmm. So good. 

Crackin' Chicken
I forgot to get a picture of this but this is a must try if you like crispy crunch chicken. A bit messy as the grease pops as the chicken is cooking. I had to scrub and wipe down my stove after. [I'm off to the dollar store for a splatter guard--totally worth the dollar]. I even made a small batch of the ghee to cook the chicken in. Very addicting. 

{Sweet} I've been reading about black sesame as flavor for a while and at our annual Christmas Chinese restaurant dinner, I final tried the mochi filled with black sesame paste. I thought I wouldn't have liked it. Most of the time, sweets from Chinese restaurant is TOO sweet for me. But this mochi was perfect, in fact, I liked it better than red bean. So this spur me into buying the black sesame and black sesame paste to force me to try out these two cake recipes I found.

Black Sesame Chiffon Cake
This is the cake that I was dying to try and I must admit it was because of the picture of the cake. This grayish cake with this dollop of bright yellow lemon curd. It looked so beautiful. 

WARNING:  Really read the recipe well before you start making it. Don't be like me and just start right in. I had to wing it in a few places.  And you need a small size tube pan--my pan bigger than what the recipe asked for. Oh yea! It's probably best if you have a digital scale as everything is in grams. My digital scale came via a secret santa gift. [Thank you secret santa whoever you are]

Even though I had a little bit of difficulty, the cake came out great, just a little shorter than it should have been. And it goes perfectly with the the meyer lemon curd that I made [another new recipe, this one is so much easier than the one I used before]

My picture isn't as beautiful as the one that sold me on this recipe but I hope it's good enough to make you want to try it out. I'm going to double it next time so I fill my tube pan better. 
Not so tall as it should be
Light, slightly nutty with a bright creamy lemon topping

Flourless Chocolate Sesame Cake
This is the other black sesame cake I wanted to try. This one was little easier but still need a digital scale. It uses almond flour and has no dairy in it. It has a great texture from the almond flour--soft, almost silky [I think this makes the chocolate part of more intense] and the sesame seeds, paste and almond flour gives it a nice nutty flavor. I'm thinking of trying this out with raspberries, raspberry sauce and dollop of whipped cream for Valentine's day. Although WG said it was good with the lemon curd, too.
baked in a springform pan, made it easy to get out

Then dusted with powder sugar. Perfectly sweet

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