Thursday, February 13, 2014

Instead of walking in the snow . . .

I worked a full day (got a lot done--quiet because of the snow) and helped shovel our driveway then made a batch of sweets for the restaurant for valentine. 

Meringue kisses, some dipped in chocolate ganache, some with ganache and sprinkles and a couple just plain. 

Avoided a disaster while pre-heating the oven for my next sweet. I forgot I had the kisses drying out in the oven. Lost one tray. Thank goodness I made extra.

This is what I was pre-heating the oven for. 
Flourless Chocolate Black Sesame Cake. It's a special dessert for tomorrow night.  It has a very light texture because of the almond flour and whipped egg whites. And a slightly nutty taste. Decide to serve it with a drizzle of raspberry sauce and dollop off whipped cream. 

I mad about this black sesame flavor. And everyone who got to taste test it liked it, too. Hope to get picture of a slice all dressed up.

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