Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Trapped at home . . .

without my car. WG's car is in the shop and he had to take my car. So I'm working from home for the next several days. I guess it is a little bit of a blessing. I'm massively busy at my job-job [you know the one that pays] and no commuting back and forth, 2 1/2 hours a day, does help, I think? . . .

 . . . Day 6 of no car. I could have guess from the statement of a "couple of days" would turn into this. But it's out of my control and what can I do. . .

CATCH UP. With my project, I've been feeling a bit under water with. I'm exhausted from trying to keep up for the last 2 weeks but this past Friday, I had made great progress and no more drowning feeling [it does help when you know come Monday, you get to turn back the part of the project you've been covering for someone]

KNIT. Since I set  my goal of not buying new yarn and to knit my stash away. I made good work of it this weekend. Three project on the burner: another set of bib and burping cloth, fingerless gloves for WG and a cardigan for hmmmm . . .maybe me or a gift. This is attempt 3 with this yarn/cardigan combo and hope the third time is a charm.

Pattern: Lodi Cardigan by Tanis Gray
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease

From the top down, making nice progress

COOK/BAKE. I know, I know, I'm always cooking and baking. Mostly for things for the restaurant: Apple Bread Pudding, Creme Brulee, Molten Chocolate Cake, Apple/Pear Butter and Blueberry Jam
Hope this makes customers are happy
I had some extra apples from the bread pudding and some asian Ya pears that I needed to use up [WG strikes again with over buying fruit, not sure why he thinks we can eat so much] so I whipped up the apple/pear butter. The pears were really sweet and crunchy. Not a great looking pear--skin is white and and bruises easily. 

And had a bunch of blueberries [you know who bought those], I made a batch of blueberry jam. I added some zest and a juice at the end to brighten up the flavor. I've been using the immersion blend on my jam to give it a smoother but slightly chunky texture. 

I've been want whip up a batch of granola for ages and thought I'd toss in the quinoa since I don't like it as replacement for rice. I tried out this recipe from two peas & their pod
Can't wait to have it with my yogurt
Of course, as I always do, I don't have all the ingredients because I decide to test these recipes on the fly. No almond or pepitas used walnuts and pecans, used my apple butter instead of applesauce and adjusted the honey and the seasoning because the apple butter is seasoned and  sweeten and added dried apricots. Oh and I forgot I toss in some millet because I had it. It's nice a crunchy with a nice flavor. No too sweet at all.

I made a batch of ranch dressing since I have sour cream in my frig because of the cheesecake I make. I saw a pin on Pinterest that inspired me. Been trying to get as much veggies in my diet lately and this dressing will definitely help. I got the recipe from Will Cook for Smiles
a very pale green from the fresh herbs
It was a little loose when I was first done. But after it sat in the frig, it set up, nice and thick. Nice tart and garlic taste. If you like a garlicky ranch then add another clove.

Well, I guess that it for the past week. I hope I still have the energy to test out a cake recipe that I've been dreaming of. Chai Cake with a lemon curd filling and Vanilla Swiss buttercream. Maybe I'll bring that in for someone birthday at the office. 

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