Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Random Link: Aug 2015

-love the embroidery added to the logos. via quipsologies

-a friend of mine is painting an abstract painting every day for a year and posting on Facebook. Love the project.

-for all the star war fans. These are beautiful. via

-tried a new recipe for coffee crumb cake with leftover fruits from my jamming and baking for the restaurant that I had--blueberries, peaches and apples. Came out great. Will post my result later. via julia's album

-been having issues with dirty coffee mugs in the sink at work (not just one, like 6+). Yes, disgusting. But maybe I should have just made art with them and made an instagram acct. These are fun. via quipsologies

-been a little sideline with a wrist pain, so not too much knitting for me. I found a fiber podcast to inspire me to get better soon.

-one last link: love that it was all handmade. Her bouquet is great.

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