Friday, May 22, 2009

a year late can't be too bad

I know, I know. I should have done this at least 10 months ago but I didn't. And now that I have the time, I've decided to post the rest of my Wild, Wild West pictures.

So I posted images from Sacramento and Zion National Park. Here's the rest of the trip. I hate to admit that I still have to develop some pictures from a disposable camera. Our camera broke on the 1st day at Grand Canyon. So I can't say it's all the pictures but most of them.



The mountains still had snow, it was definitely colder than Sacramento.


An island in Lake Tahoe. The color of the water was beautiful

On the road to the pass

Driving out of Tahoe to go over one of the pass to Nevada

Death Valley


Driving into Death Valley NP

scotty's castle 5

Scotty's Castle at Death Valley NP

scotty's castle 7

Mom and me at Scotty's Castle

death valley 3



vegas 1

hours for driving to vegas and a picture of my round face

hoover dam 1

instead of gambling, we went to the Hoover Dam

Route 66

Route 66 2

Hackberry General Store

Route 66 3

WG posing with a wooden indian

Route 66 4

Dad and a new friend

Route 66 1

Mom and Dad playing tourist

Grand Canyon

grand canyon 2

Me on the edge

grand canyon 1

Grand Canyon

That's all folks!

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