Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sunday in NYC

Kind of got a Sunday off. Took a friend's daughter up to Columbia, she's attending their summer program. Went in by train with all the happy crazy people going into the Gay Pride Parade. The train was mobbed.

Took a cab up (Man! That cab driver made good time) then stood in line for few minutes (I have to say, Columbia sure had their act together) and into the dorm we went. I've been my share of dorms these past few years and these were quite nice. Your own room in 2 floor suite with 3–4 rooms per floor. Rooms were a decent size with air condition (lucky girl). I left her to set up room, she was one very excited young lady. 

Then I decided to walk downtown, to look for some place to eat and get my train back home. Walked past St. John the Divine, so beautiful. Was thinking of stopping but just kept going. It was a beautiful day, low humidity and sunny, just a great day for walking. I walked down to 72 St. subway by then I was a bit hot and sweaty. So I found a diner to eat at then a short hop on a subway to Penn Station. Nice day off with some exercise to boot.

Just wanted to share something from my walk downtown. I saw this beautiful blue door with black scroll work. The color was so beautiful. I think it help that it was against all that white.

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Ali Muff said...

Very cool, reminds me of images I've seen of Greece. I'm always observing front doors as I walk around neighborhood. It amazes me how many places could be transformed into beautiful homes or buildings with a simple thing like a beautiful front door. Side note: there is an awesome door store near Woodstock, NY in Shokan (The Door Jamb). If you're looking for a door made of "real" solid wood (colonial, traditional or contemporary) I highly recommend this place.