Saturday, July 9, 2011

Flower One Dot coin purse

I found a pattern for these crocheted flower that are joined into a larger piece to make a bag, Mollie's Flowers. I thought it was beautiful and I could make up the flower in my spare time between project. My idea was to make a bag in a neutral color, charcoal or beige so the flowers becomes a texture and just highlight one flower center on the bag as an accent.

First the flowers. I needed to try out the flower pattern with scrap yarn. To see if it was possible to make tons of them in to the bag I wanted. These turn into into pins for x-mas gift for the office. I got a little crazy with the centers and add contrasting yarn and some beading.
flower pins

After finishing the pins, I kind of realized that I think I needed to downsize my idea. The bag I envisioned would take 100s of flowers and I don't think I have the stick-with-it-ness to make all of the same flowers over and over. So I decided on a round coin purse. Fast forward a couple of years. 

Tah dah! Flower One Dot coin purse. An early birthday present for my niece [I'm alway late with gifts--like 6 months late] since she came for a visit a couple of days before her birthday.  
Flower dot coin purse

The inside is lined with some Japanese crepe fabric and the back is a plain crocheted circle in rusty red with red zipper. Hope she can use it.
Inside flower dot

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