Monday, July 25, 2011

Jade Elephant

Jade elephant
Working another pouch prototype. Just starting to lay things out. I really like this brand of rice bags. Love the imagery and words, but this bag ravels so much. I need to singe the edge to make it stop. Found this check fabric in my crazy fabric stash, thinking of making a front pocket and adding some trim. Not sure what I'm lining it with, most likely a rice bag. Will post the finish piece.

Rice bag tote
Still looking for my upholstery webbing for my tote. I have a little bit of this red webbing but I still need more. I think the upholstery webbing would add more contrast to it. The red webbing is a bit too matchy for me. Maybe I have some other crazy fabric to make into handles. 

Wish I did more when I was on vacation. Just wasn't motivated when I realize I would have to hunt for the webbing. Stay tune for the finish piece.

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