Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hats and Old Ladies

I decided to wear a hat into the city today. On top of being very hot [provides good sun protection], people wear hats in the NYC, so I wouldn't stick out like a odd soul. I've had this hat for years and have tried to wear it on many occasions but never found the right time or place. [bought it right before I started to work in NJ] It has as small brim with a tall crown and leather band. It fits me perfectly and I just like the shape of it on my head.

Fast forward to Port Authority [Bus station NYC], I'm waiting for my friend, hat on my head and people watching as I observe there were lots of people with the same idea that I had--good day for a hat. What I also observed was the majority of the hat wearers with asian, ladies and old.

Sigh. . . . I guess I just have to accept the fact, I'm one of those old Asian ladies with a hat. [but at least my hat was cool!]

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B said...

But at least you look GOOD in it! Princess Hat Flash! :D