Friday, July 29, 2011

Random stuff in my office

I was taking a picture of the second sock when I decided get a few pictures of random stuff in my office.

The Wall of me
A collection of drawings from my office mates. This is what designers do during meetings. A great b/w painting (top right) by Steve Keene that an office mate gave because he thought it would go well with my stuff. It's next to Steve Keene post card that friend sent to me.

My favorite office device
is the the silver hole puncher in the red container, next to non-usuable eyeglasses [over the counter magnifying glasses, now too weak, but nice frames]. It's an old metal, very heavy, single hole punch. That I make good use of [more for my crafting or gifts items]. I love the look and weight of it, wish they would make more things like this.

Another coin container
Yet another coin container that is slowing disappearing. I think I had purpose for collecting the coins for years. Now with the restaurant, I'm finally making good use of them.

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